The San Francisco legend
now in Santa Fe

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The best of the best Blackglama mink
to wear as a crop (short) jacket
for formal or casual with a pair of jeans.
The signature of B B Hawk Blackglama
mink couturier from Germany

bbhawk Blackglama

2017 Customer of the Year
Joe and Amy Sexton

Reside in San Francisco and Fort Worth
VC for and now the Chair of three of the largest IPO coming out of Silicone Valley.
He came in wrote out a check, stating : he would like to have B B Hawk to make a Chinchilla vest for his wife, for New York new year celebration.
He then left SF, I had to track him down for his wife’s measurements .

A Tale of Two Worlds / B.B.Hawk vs All

  1. New vest by B.B.Hawk
    Made in Germany / 32” long / $7,750.00 at B.B.Hawk.
  2. Full length coat (circa 2003)
    Made in Montreal / New over $80,000.00 at Neiman Marcus
    (Barbara Streisand was sighted in Aspen wearing the same one)
  3. Client paid $11,000.00 for this piece at Neiman Marcus. (circa 1994)
    She brought to us with over 10 pieces in a plastic bag. It had not been cleaned for all those years, needed to maintain the leather soft or it will start to become as shown. (Make sure to bring to B.B.Hawk for hand clean for $70.00 every two years).
    We are to mend and sewn back those pieces to the whole, and proceed to hand clean this item, to as decent as could ever be.
  4. This short crop jacket was purchased at Sak's Fifth in 2005 for $24,000.00.
    At B.B.Hawk the best in the world similar one, made in Germany for $6,650.00.

Fur Care @ B.B. Hawk

We offer cleaning by hand (the old fashion traditional method) at no extra cost!!

Cleaning: from $50.00
Storage: from $50.00/year
Cleaning & Storage: from $75.00